Vesicash Trizact: Bringing Trust and Transparency to Social Commerce.

Vesicash Trizact: Bringing Trust and Transparency to Social Commerce.

Buying & Selling Through Social Media Platforms.

With the massive growth and adoption of social media across the world, it has become a primary tool for wider reach and publicity(advertisement), which is key to making sales, and notably, so, it has enabled businesses to sell more products through its medium which birth the system called Social Commerce, that is, Commerce but through social media.

According to Wikipedia > Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves social media and online media that supports social interaction, and user contributions to assist online buying and selling of products and services. More succinctly, social commerce is the use of social networks in the context of e-commerce transactions.

Social commerce has opened wider opportunities to get businesses to sell more products or services but with this opportunity comes a challenge, a challenge of Trust and Delivery. Trust, for all parties to get their ends of the exchange and Delivery for the right product with the right quality. The good news is, there is an innovation company called Vesicash that addresses this challenge.

Vesicash Provides the safest way to transact directly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp. With Trizact, your customers are assured of a secured and transparent transaction.

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Now let's walk through the process of setting up your Trizact account for secured and transparent transactions across your social media platform. With Trizact enabled for your business, you are likely to get more leads because your customers are guaranteed of getting the right value as the saying goes, with greater trust comes higher sales. First step is to create a Vesicash Trizact Account

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After filling in all the required information and linking your social media account, you'll get access to your dashboard where you see your sharable payment link for your business. With the link, your customers or client can pay for your products and services, but this time the transaction is secured and transparent, meaning payment will be remitted to you once your customer has confirmed the delivery of the product or service.

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Another benefit of using Vesicash Trizact is that listed on an online directory of Verified Vendors , so whenever a customer searches for social media handle they can get the confirmation that your brand can be trusted.

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Aside from the general payment link given to you by default, you can create a unique payment link for each of your products, to do this click on Add Product on the payment link and fill in the details for your product. Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 11.06.21 AM.png

After adding the new product, you can then preview the link to ensure all the information then proceed to share the link across all your social media platforms.

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For a transaction to be marked as Completed by Vesicash, the following have to be done:

- Once a payment notification from your Trizact link, you have to confirm that the product has been delivered.

- Your customer/client has to confirm that he/she has received the product/service and it is satisfactory.

Once this above is done, you'll successfully be remitted by Vesicash. Hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback you can send a mail to or . You can also drop a comment below or call our Customer Care Line (08066589385).

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