Securing P2P Transactions Using Vesicash Instant Escrow.

Securing P2P Transactions Using Vesicash Instant Escrow.

P2P Transactions, Secure and made easy.

Earning money is no doubt, very hard but losing it is harder, especially to fraud. In the true state of things, you should get value in exchange for your money but some individuals have daunted this process.

With the constant rise of fraud/scams, you have to be very careful not to fall victim to the gimmicks of these individuals that won't stop their evil acts. So, how can you ensure that you get value in exchange for your money? The simple answer is Vesicash. The simple answer is Vesicash 1531496472176.jpeg

Vesicash provides payment security for businesses and individuals across Africa. For your peace of mind when buying from or selling to unknown parties, Vesicash provides:

  • An enabling environment for a fraud-free transaction process.
  • Equally-distributed control between transacting parties.
  • Fully transparent transaction process

Vesicash serves as a trusted intermediary between you and the other party for exchange, which ensures that you get value for your money. Simply put, Vesicash remits the money to the seller when the buyer has approved of the exchange. The next question is, how do you go about it? With Vesicash Instant Escrow, you can set up an escrow payment within 5 Minutes. Now, let's go through the process.

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Let's create a scenario that you can relate to: You see something that catches your fancy on Twitter and you want to purchase. However, there seems to be a problem- you don't trust the Vendor enough to pay before delivery and the Vendor, on the other hand, does not deliver without payment. With Vesicash Instant Escrow, this problem of trust becomes eliminated and both parties are assured of getting their ends of the exchange once the terms of the transaction have been met.

The first step is to initiate the Escrow transaction by filling up the phone numbers of yourself and that of the recipient. Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 9.36.34 AM.png

After this, proceed to fill in the details about the transaction such as title, description, amount, contract of agreement(optional), and other details that you consider important.

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After this, both you and the recipient will get a mail from Vesicash and the transaction details are generated for you. Once you confirm that the details are correct, you can then proceed to pay using your preferred mode of payment (Pay with Card or Wire Transfer).

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Upon successful payment, you'll get an official receipt from Vesicash. At this point, your money is kept in a secure account awaiting approval for the delivery of goods. The status of the transaction would read 'pending' and 'awaiting confirmation' respectively. You can monitor the progress by signing into your Account using the email and phone used to initiate the escrow transaction.

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Once the vendor updates that the product has been successfully delivered, you, as the Buyer will get a notification from Vesicash to confirm the receipt of your products. If you've truly received the product, this is the point for you to confirm and rate the entire process. Afterward, the Vendor gets his payment automatically from Vesicash. Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 10.47.19 AM.png

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With Vesicash Instant Escrow, the chances of being defrauded are brought to the barest minimum, you can now carry out your transactions with trust and peace of mind. Here's a little secret:

If a seller/buyer refuses to accept the Vesicash Escrow payment option, there's a possibility that the person is not legitimate.

Insist on using Vesicash Instant Escrow for all of your transactions so that you can have the assurance that nothing would go wrong. We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback you can send a mail to or . You can also drop a comment below or call our Customer Care Line (08066589385).

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